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Secular Family Network/CFI Kids Activity: Mythbusting!,

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Secular Family Network/CFI Kids Activity: Mythbusting!, Sunday,
August 18, 3:00-5:00pm, Center for Inquiry-Indiana, 350 Canal Walk,
Suite A, Indianapolis. Hands-on Mythbusting-themed activities for kids and
families that are both entertaining and enlightening.

How do myths and urban legends get their start? Many are fakes or hoaxes,
while some are actually true! (Kids that would like to are encouraged to bring
in their own funny or interesting urban legend or myth and let us guess whether
they are true or false.) We will also have a collection of odds and ends that we
can use to create our own mythological creatures. Please feel free to bring in
old or discarded toys or objects that can be disassembled as needed to add to
the project.

Secular Family Network/CFI Kids is for children and their parents. At least
one adult must accompany their child/children. Susan Lantzer, Ann Bilodeau, and
Kelly Grey are the coordinators of the SFN/CFI Kids rogram. Check out the
Secular Family Network Facebook ( page for more

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