Muslim-ish: searching for truth, rejecting false idols, and fighting for freedom

Center for Inquiry New York City
Center for Inquiry New York City
Public group

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday

Needs a location


Who are we?

We are Muslims of varying degrees of religiousness:
Some of us are practicing Muslims who simply want to take a more objective look at out teachings.
Some of us want to discuss certain tenets of our faith that don’t sit well with us.
Some of us have come to the realization that organized religion isn’t for us and want to discuss why.

What do we want?

We want to find the truth, no matter what it is, and fight for our right to follow it.
We want to create a safe place for people to exchange thoughts and ideas that we were taught not to talk about.We want to support each other and help each other deal with family questions and formulate answers.
We want to give others the chance to choose what they want for themselves, without fear of death, imprisonment, or persecution.

Is it safe to attend?

We will invite people to our meetings publicly but the meeting location will only be known to people who have attended a meeting in the past. So there are only two ways for a new member, or observer, to attend the meeting.
1- By coming with an existing member.
2- By replying to one of the ads and the volunteer group leader, Ibrahim, will personally talk to them to make sure they are either Muslim-ish or moderate enough Muslims that they would not harm members or reveal their identity. Please send inquiries to [masked]

And as this group is still in its infancy, we would like to keep it limited to people from Muslim backgrounds, as this will help us talk freely and comfortably knowing that we all come from the same place.

We will be meeting every two weeks, on Wednesdays, at 7PM, somewhere in Manhattan.