Intro to Kotlin for Android Development w/ Brian Bowden

This is a past event

40 people went


Kotlin is here to save you from Java -- one class at a time. With an elegant syntax similar to that of Swift, Kotlin brings modern programming to the JVM while maintaining full interoperability with existing Java classes and libraries. While you can use Kotlin to replace Java on nearly any platform, Kotlin really shines in the world of modern Android development, and that’s what we’ll focus on in this talk. We’ll go over the basics of Kotlin, cover tips and tricks that make Kotlin a joy to write, and show you how to get started with Kotlin in your existing projects.

Speaker Bio:
Brian Bowden is a software engineer and primary Android developer at Spire Labs. Over the past 5 years, Brian has helped the Spire Labs team build a social platform for encouraging happier, healthier lives.