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End to end quality with the Sonar Ecosystem w/ G. Ann Campbell

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Talk Summary:

A recent study showed that only 25% of organizations use static code analysis. Reasons for not using it included expense, difficulty, and availability for the environment. But the tools in the Sonar Ecosystem are free, easy to use, and cover 20+ languages. And they can help you write quality code from the first keystroke to production release. In this talk I'll show how to incorporate static analysis in your workflow in the IDE, in pull request analysis, during the build, and at production release.


G. Ann Campbell is a Product Manager at SonarSource SA, the company behind SonarQube, SonarLint, the Sonar Language Analyzers, and She has coded in Perl, C, and Java as well as the usual assortment of web development technologies. In the process, Ann has seen some good code and a lot of bad code. As a result, she is passionate about helping developers write better code. Ann is a coauthor of SonarQube in Action and has presented at Øredev. Before joining SonarSource, she worked as a systems architect and systems engineer.