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[Online] Yoni Steaming & Other Ayurvedic Yoni Therapies: A 30-Min Workshop

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[Online] Yoni Steaming & Other Ayurvedic Yoni Therapies: A 30-Min Workshop


This short workshop is part of a week-long series on Ayurveda for women's reproductive health. We'll discuss healthy blood, yoni care, yoni steaming and other therapies, as well as foods and drinks for women's health.

This online workshop is educational in nature and should not take the place of consultation with a qualified medical provider.

At this 30-minute online workshop, you'll learn about the Ayurvedic therapies for the yoni and their applications. All women can benefit at one time or another from these therapies. In menopausal women, these therapies can be used for dryness, irritation, and more. Monthly, these therapies can be utilized for health maintenance, following the conclusion of each menstrual cycle.

These three therapies, called yoni dhuman or yoni steaming, yoni dhavan or herbal wash for the yoni, and yoni pichu or herbal tamponing, are processes that can be done at home, under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

Learn Ayurveda's holistic methods for women's health.

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