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What we’re about

Become a member of Global Chess Community to connect with other chess enthusiasts all around the world. <br> <br>Join Global Chess Community to: <br> <br>1. Learn how to play chess; <br> <br>2. Play games and tournaments online; <br> <br>3. Get better at chess. <br> <br>4. Attend in-person and online events, including exclusive watch parties and live chess events online. <br> <br> Global Chess Community offers a complete ecosystem for learning and playing chess. We have free and premium content, software, and mobile apps for players of all skill levels, from absolute beginner to master. <br> <br>We offer a comprehensive curriculum to support your journey as a chess player. Take advantage of our tournament broadcasts and play zone on, video series integrated with software at Chessable, and you can train with the Play Magnus Apps suite! <br> <br>Help us build a great global chess community! <br> <br>Check out Global Chess Community’s page to find local chess groups to join near you.