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Chez Grace (Paris) migrates to Charleston! I'm looking to meet art-and-music-and-culture lovers who like to explore Charleston's many and rich offerings! We will get together to get to know Charleston and each other. Suggestions welcome!

After living in Paris France for 32 years and having a Meetup for 12 of those years showing artists in my home gallery in Montmartre, I now do not have the space to have a gallery in my teeny studio in the French Quarter, but I'm still passionate about art and people, getting together, eating, drinking and having fun. If you do too, please join!

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Let's have lunch at Basic Kitchen!


I finally, FINALLY ate at Basic Kitchen yesterday for the first time and I've been in Charleston a year and a half already! Everybody who goes there loves it, and I did too. It's healthy food that leaves you feeling good. A while back I scheduled a Meetup there but there were 35 members who signed up and the management told me that would entail renting the upstairs dining room with a hefty deposit. I demurred. So I have limited the group to eight (8) and set the time at 12 noon and hope we'll have nice weather so that we can sit outside! Here's the lovely website: https://basickitchen.com/ Yesterday I had asparagus and arugula with a ginger tumeric soda, and sampled cauliflower "wings," falafel, and a beet juice cocktail as well as a prosecco and watermelon juice cocktail. They also have excellent burgers. Anyone else getting hungry? Grace [masked]

Come meet Myriem Nandini chez moi!

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Join me at home in West Ashley to meet my amazing friend Myriem Nandini. Here’s a description of our meet up if you want to add a little description Our Reiki meetup is a chance to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Reiki energy healing, sacred therapeutic music, and soothing aromatherapy, surrounded by crystals and gemstones while you have your seven chakras aligned and tuned into higher vibrations of healing and harmony. Mini reiki sessions of 15 min of chakra testing and balancing for $20. When I was furnishing my house in West Ashley almost two years ago now, I went to Mimi's apartment to buy a little Oriental rug that she had posted on Facebook Market. Because I had cartilage degeneration in my left hip, I was limping. I limped into her apartment and met her and when she saw the way I was walking, said simply "I can help you with that." And she did. I began a healing journey with Myriem (Mimi). She came to my house weekly and with a combination of techniques that she has refined over the years, mixtures of essential oils, crystal chakra balancing, Reiki, yoga and wonderful music, made me able to walk pain free for the first time in years. She's one of the wisest, most positive and upbeat people I've ever met. An intuitive healer, Reiki Master and a Medical Intuitive, she’s able to tune into a person's vibration, and raise it. Like me, she believes in the healing power of human connection, love and interaction. Because of her diversified background in holistic healing, she's able to tackle a variety of issues of health and life misalignment with ease. Mimi's jewelry will also be available for sale (see photos, and follow her on Instagram #reikichakrajewels For her, holding loving and healing space with a group of people is a powerful way for spreading positive energy far and wide., paving the way for more compassion, inclusion and transformation. Questions or anything: Grace [masked] PS: as some of you know, I had my hip replaced last July. I was lucky enough to have Mimi to work with during my recovery too.

Let's celebrate spring with lunch at Gabrielle at Hotel Bennett #3

Because there are so many waitlisted for BOTH dates at Gabrielle's, I decided to go back again and again! Here's a Wednesday after Easter. Here's a review in the Post & Courrier, thanks to Sheila W.: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/PostCourier/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=POCO%2F2019%2F03%2F20&entity=Ar03400&sk=0FB084E9&mode=text And here's the restaurant's website: https://www.hotelbennett.com/dine/gabrielle Grace [masked] PS to the waitlisted: I am still considering April 17 OR 18 (that's a Wednesday and Thursday). Please private message me if you have a preference.

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Let's go to Woolfe Street Playhouse to see "Ben Butler"!

Woolfe Street Playhouse

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