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Customers Hate Change: New Products should take notes from Old Products

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Reinventing the wheel is not always the best thing to do. I know from experience with failed products and being too early to market. Let me show you first-hand how I evaluate whether it is time to completely overhaul a product, or just add a “little magic” to enhance one that already exists.

Speaker Bio:
Jarded Steffes is co-founder of multiple successful start-ups including Matador ( and Tap Me ( (recently acquired by MediaMath, a nationwide media planning and marketing company).

Mr. Steffes is also a Board Member of the International Game Developers Association - Chicago.

Currently, Jared is building a real gambling casino for the iOS platform in the United Kingdom, and consults for other companies as well. You can learn more about Jared's background and peruse his very insightful and helpful blog on his web site, (