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CHICAGO High Noon - Four Factors Of Correct Exposure - A Free 90 Minute Workshop
Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes is a family owned and operated Community Center devoted to photography education. Our classes are offered in two Chicago locations and include classrooms, computer labs, darkrooms, a lighting studio and at our home offices – With InSight Gallery – located in Withinsight Hall, 4001 N Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago 60613 Our gallery is for the exhibition of our student’s and staff's photographs. All work is for sale and the gallery is open 24 hours a day to the general public. Please call[masked] for entry. | "As Educators, We Are Not Out Of Work Photographers, We Are Serious Photographers with A "Work Mission" - To Teach, And So I Have For Over Forty Years." Richard Stromberg, 2010 When You Attend Classes Here - We Include "Photographic Thinking" In All Of Our Classes And You Will Learn The "Language Of Photography"! At Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes our only accent is on Learning. We won't try to sell you a "membership", caps or t-shirts with our logo on it. We won't ask you for contributions or charge you to attend a party - for a Shows Opening and no meaningless certificates. We will teach and work with you, to foster a community where you will learn each time you walk through the door. Up-Town Learning Without The Downtown Price Tag & Free Parking Are you going on vacation this year? Are last year’s photos not as exciting as the trip was? Richard's Photography Classes on Ravenswood Avenue kick off new class sessions every seven weeks starting the week of Sunday January 7th. Please look here; http://www.chicagopho... If you’re serious about learning photography, this just might be the place for you. Start with our free, 90-minute workshop starting at High Noon on each Sunday. Use our free camera-buying service and learn how to make the best camera purchase for your needs. Then join us for our seven-week classes, offered in Chicago. We offer classes weekdays, weeknights and weekends. Basic camera overview, operation, and the principles of correct exposure Often imitated but never equaled ,Our Free 90 minute workshop was designed to teach the basic of exposure; attendees get a real feel for how serious we are about photography and what you can do with it. Starting at High Noon each Sunday, this energetic 90 minute workshop will keep your attention. The only accent here is on learning. Whether you have a new Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) or a mirrorless camera, need a refresher or have never attended a photography class, this Is the free workshop to attend. If you are thinking of purchasing a digital camera, we will help you understand what is important and what's not important in a camera with interchangeable lenses. You will learn basic digital camera operation: an overview of your camera controls, use of your camera's exposure information and will be convinced that we are the best value. Bring your camera and its camera manual. If you do not have a camera, don't worry, be happy, we will provide one. "IT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CLASSROOM THAT COUNTS!" Why are Classes Different at Chicago Photography Classes? Why do you get more for your money here? What is value? It's too easy to get lost in a large class. It's just human nature for an “artsy” teacher to gravitate to the brightest light in the room. It takes teaching experience and attention to detail to be sure everyone in the room "gets it.” For more than 30 years, our ratio of 1 teacher for every 5 students in our Labs, has been the most effective teaching model in Chicago and the Midwest. We pay close attention to each student, and if you’re having trouble “getting it,” we’ll spend as much time with you as necessary. Our computer facilities are spacious, up tp date computers , programs and printers, with plenty of room to use them. Stop by to tour our facilities: two computer labs, with 27 computers (PCs and iMacs); ten "best in class" archival Epson Printers, a Lighting Studio; large classrooms; and our " With InSight Gallery ”, http://www.chicagopho ... where we have student shows twice a year. We provide all Photo I students with their supplies including archival paper for their prints and notebooks and handouts, at no additional charge. We have ample Free parking seven days a week. The Photo II & III students have 24-hour, seven-days-a-week access to our facilities. You see, this is a community of people focused on learning and teaching Photography. No elitism, no attitude, no rules or restrictions that get in the way of learning. No “membership” fee. Finishing our classes will give you real skills to use on your journey of lifelong learning. Attend classes once a week, along with a weekly lab session, and in nine months you’ll be ready to participate in one of our group shows. Our "With InSight Gallery", http://www.chicagopho... , (located in Withinsight Hall, 4001 North Ravenswood Avenue) is not for others, our Gallery is for showcasing and selling our students work and the work of the teachers and Photographers in our unique community. We don't have rigid hours. We stay as late as needed and we open each day hours before the classes begin. Every student gets extra time if they need it. We are available to students seven days a week, at times that are convenient for you. Everyone gets our cell phone number, [masked]) and you may call or text us 24 hours a day. All prospective students are encouraged to attend our free 90-minute workshop, offered each weekend, before they sign up for classes. In four decades, we have established the most recognized photo programs in Chicago and the Midwest, attracting more than 25,000 students. Each student receives about 40 hours of instruction per session which means that we have enabled over one million hours of instruction throughout the last 40 years. So we won't try to impress you. We are here to teach you, to help you learn and grow and find your own unique artistic center. In our classes, we help you make the world’s most important photographs. We will teach and work with you, in a nurturing community, where you will learn something every time you walk through the door. From Zero To Gallery Walls In Nine Months! ( With InSight Gallery,here; http://www.chicagopho... Home Page; http://chicagophotocl... 7 week Photo I curriculum; http://chicagophotocl.... Frequently Asked Questions; http://www.chicagopho.... What Classes Are And Are Not; http://chicagophotocl.... Mission statement; http://www.chicagopho.... Reader story; http://www.chicagorea... The Only Accent Here Is On Learning Mistakes are not failures, they are lessons. R. Stromberg June, 2010

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