What we're about

After many years (5) and over 70 excellent meetings as part of GDG (Google Developers Group) it is time to evolve and start asking questions what is next.

Some of the topics we want to discuss:

• How can I use mobile (e.g. Android) to control things (e.g vehicles)

• Using SBC (Single Board Computers) as go between your Android and the machine electronics

• Understanding Automotive CAN bus (J1939)

• Collecting, processing Big Data and using it in Machine Learning

• Options for Machine Learning: Tensor Flow, Hadoop, Spark MLlib (yes!), Microsoft Azure ML, etc.

• Building distributed computers using CPUs (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and GPUs.

Dear Droids, let's continue to use our #ChicagoAndroid (https://twitter.com/search?q=ChicagoAndroid) hashtag to share updates!

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