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Meet with local people who suffer from Fibromyalgia to discuss, share, laugh, and conquer the misconceptions regarding this disabling condition.

Support, understanding, and validation in a comfortable environment is important!

This meetup will always be an open group where people are invited but not obligated to discuss and share their experiences with various coping mechanisms, solutions for relief of pain, fatigue, fog, etc.

There are several remedies with published studies but empirical, first-hand experience would be of great value to this group. So anyone who has found a remedy or finds one in the future, please stick around and report back.

*Any information or discussion here is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counseling. This SUPPORT GROUP does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition. There are many different causes and manifestations of Fibromyalgia; your results/experience may vary from that of others

Terms of Service of Meetup prohibits defamatory remarks and the selling of merchandise or services. However, some products or services might be helpful to members so all such items will be limited to the SELLING discussion of the MESSAGE BOARD: http://www.meetup.com/chicagofibromyalgia/messages/boards ...

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I have two ideas and need your feedback
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One idea is to meet at a coffee shop. The other idea is to see if anyone is interested in trying some warm water therapy. I am a big proponent of this since it was something that turned my life around in so many ways. I got started in warm water therapy and eventually progressed to swimming a few laps in a pool that wasn't too cold. After moving to the city, I joined a health club that had a pool with a temp in the low 80s. I got so much benefit from the water aerobics class, that I just got certified to teach it. I have a program that I could show people (and there are DVDs out there as well) that is specifically geared towards people with issues like fibromyalgia. If there is enough interest in doing this, I will contact the Galter Center to see if we could rent their pool for 90 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday. What I need to know from you is if you are interested in a water program; if so, regular or warm water therapy, and then, optimal times (i.e. late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon) so I can proceed forward with finding a site. There are not a lot of warm water therapy pools to choose from. The dates I'm thinking of would be the first or second weekend in October; we could shoot for a Saturday (early or mid day) or Sunday (any of the three time frames)--I'm trying to include as many people as possible on this. I know that later on in the day is a problem for people commuting in from further out, particularly if they are taking public transportation, so I am trying to accommodate that issue as well. I look forward to your feedback. If you want to email me directly, I'm at [masked] Sharon Axelrod If a social event is more to your liking, let me know that as well.

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I am looking to set up something at the Panera Bread on Roosevelt Road (1101 S. Canal street) in the south loop area either Sunday, February 23 or Sunday March 2, most likely at 2:00. Would love feedback regarding how either of those dates work for any of you.

Meet new members and old onrs
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I apologize for my lack of attention to the group. Between family illness, my own health issues and traveling, things have been crazy. Now I have a parent about to pass and need to travel again. Since this site is hard to manage, postings are not always easy to respond to. Feel free to email me at [masked]. Someone asked about Panera Bread. A few locations (like Evanston) have meeting rooms. Many do not. Because I don't know the south or west side, it is hard for me to schedule something there and if someone can assist me who lives in that area, that would be great. I will get numbers of places from people and when I call them, they either tell me that they can't help or don't return my call. So I tend to stick with things I have had success with in the past. My apartment in River North is one and Red Eyes Coffee in Lincoln Park is another. An ideal location is a place that is not too noisy and doesn't get upset if we are hanging around for two or more hours. A separate room we can reserve without having to pay for is extremely helpful. I should be back from out of town by Saturday and can address this further. If you want some immediate feedback on doctors, therapies that some of us have had help for, feel free to contact me at my email as well or call me at[masked]. Will be around Tuesday and then out of town til at least Friday.

Information on a study being conducted by Northwestern University

I have been notified of a studying being conducted by Northwestern University in Fibromyalgia research. It is called the ALDAY medical research study and is evaluating an investigational drug for fibromyalgia pain. It runs 13 weeks long and you will not be told whether you are getting the drug or a placebo. To qualify, you must be 18 years of age or older, been experiencing the same level of pain for at least three months, and here either been diagnosed with or think you have the condition. The contact person is Marta and her email address is marta@[masked]. If you would like to see what the brochure has in it, I can scan and email it to you if you contact me with your email address. You can use the meetup site to do that and post a message to me or email me directly at [masked].

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