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NOTE: Due to the lingering pandemic we will require new members & attendees to be fully vaccinated for in person events & show vac card if new member. Existing members that are not vaccinated are welcome to virtual events. Thanks!

April 2020: public group, without age range originally doing tech start ups then tried holding speed dating events before the original organizer stepped down.

6/23/2020: A new leadership & a start of many CHANGES such as being a private group, separation of ages, some trial and error, etc. This is an ever evolving group. If you don’t believe “You reap what you sow” this is not the group for you.

Continuing as a SINGLES* group but now for 21 and above (*has nothing to do if you are dating, in a relationship or neither but DEFINITELY NOT MARRIED). So single parent, divorced and widow/widower are also included. ALTHOUGH A SINGLES GROUP THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY A DATING GROUP.

This is a group where you can meet new FRIENDS or if you are new in town you will not feel alone. Mostly we care more about the QUALITY of friendships than quantity of members. We also prefer the feeling of FAMILY (family are supposed to take care of one another). Once a member you are a member for life. You can leave for any reason and can come back too anytime but yes it’s still required for you to answer the profile questions during that time :) and follow house rules. Also, any married couple that started here (or any meetup group) as singles will still be welcome and always part of the family. In the future there will be designated events for couples only up to creating a new group by itself.
So what happens if you are always single in life or prefers that? That’s another reason for this group. That is why it’s called a singles group-some people are meant to be single forever. On the other hand if while a member love happens-that’s great! We have to keep the world go around and round right? BUT WAIT, aren’t we supposed to be our BEST SELVES FIRST in order to find “the one” (or be found) and also keep the relationship??? Not a bad idea, right? There is always room for improvement in our lives. There’s always a problem that can be solved. That’s another purpose of this group. Also, we will be mingling and learning so much about ourselves and others while having meaningful and fun activities. This is also a place where artistic talents and other passions can be expressed. You may not know that you actually have a hidden gem of a talent or passion!

*****UNKNOWN YET TO LEADERSHIP-requires short 1:1 approval + showing of vaccination card via free ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET+ highlights/intro about the group and possible profile update. Will be considered attended event & member will be considered active for 12 months.
*****Depending on the situation I may only ask to see the vac card prior to in person event

**KNOWN TO LEADERSHIP- no 1:1 needed except in showing vaccination card
** Depending on the situation I may only ask to see the vac card prior to in person event

Also for everyone’s safety, comfort and convenience we require members to have:
A. clear and decent photo showing uncovered face and eyes 
B.  first name or nickname that will never change throughout the membership. The group is forever PRIVATE so your names, photos etc. are never open to the public.

Let’s RESPECT and be NICE to everyone and also be SUPPORTIVE of the group. 
If you have a simple problem with any member please try to solve it among yourselves first if you can. No one including yourself is perfect so please give people the benefit of the doubt. KINDNESS always goes a long long way. If unable to solve an issue despite some effort or if it needs immediate attention then let leadership know ASAP. In order to understand/help you and for it not to happen to others we need to know. Yes, we listen to both sides!

There are events that it’s truly fine to be LATE and we can still accommodate you but know that other events will require you to be on time such as a play, FMSC volunteering, etc.

HOST + GUESTS: guests are from our other groups (only fully vaccinated members are allowed for in person events). We currently don’t allow members to have guests to prioritize members first. However sometimes members can have guests (with prior notice) such as in FMSC volunteering.

We do have events that are a sure go which are not dependent on the number of attendees but we also reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events due to low attendance, “acts of God”, etc.

Rarely signing up but always showing up: MORE PREFFERED!
Signing up often BUT also signs off often: DISCOURAGED. So if you are only considering this group as an option please do not sign up OR wait before signing up until you are absolutely sure.
Now if you already signed up but later unable to attend please change your RSVP prior to ANY deadline to “NOT COMING” QUIETLY.
We reserve the EVENT COMMENT for EVENT ATTENDEES ONLY. YES for those signed up/coming/ attended the specific event ONLY.

*If you have ANY questions, suggestions, concerns, need to relay/discuss/clarify please do not hesitate to DM (direct/personal/private message) or talk to leadership in person. You can also use Zoom or Google Meet if desired. (I just ask that you limit messaging/expecting fast reply few hours prior to events for my priority at that time is to get ready, my attendees and the event.)
Same way leadership MUST be able to contact you by group messaging, DM or in person. Yes DM is preferred since most of the time the organizer is dealing with many groups in one event. We do not tolerate people who break house rules most commonly such as not being nice, being “creepy”, firedooring, multiple or unreasonable NO SHOWS, etc.

MORE ABOUT NO SHOWS (6/12/2021):
If you already attended an event before you “NO SHOW” either “total no show” or “late cancellation” (yes that is still a no show) the SECOND time you NO SHOW you will be removed. You may rejoin after a month or TBD/leadership. Another suggestion is for the no shower to volunteer to pay a fine (donation to go towards a charity, bring food for the group picnic/money to go towards group reservation etc.) or create an event and co host with the organizer.

**LATE CANCELLATION: if there is no specific date on the RSVP (i.e. such as 5 days prior to event) then late cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the event. (Please do not confuse this with late sign up or attendees. Same day signing up are welcome unless specified.)

If you are NEW/FIRST TIME to attend an event and you “NO SHOW” OR DID LATE CANCELLATION** you will automatically be removed. You may rejoin after a month or TBD/leadership.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! We can’t wait to meet you all, share similar interests, try new things, have FUN and share some smiles and laughter! And of course eventually have lasting friendships!

Starting as a primary organizer “ one less lonely person in the world” was enough for me to take over this group (sans being a former member of this group) and persevere. Later it grew to having a GROUP FOCUS/EVENTS:

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