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What we’re about


[First I just heard an entity with same name as this (their contact person is Tracy) which costs several thousand dollars. This is not that service nor affiliated. I may change this group's name later not to be confused with that costly service.]

After 3 + years of existence as a meetup group this is now back to being a dating group after the COVID-19 stabilization. It is our heartfelt hope that we can facilitate many successful couple introductions. We only ask for kindness, respect and initiative from our members as our consolation for our FREE services. If you want to meet someone great isn't it just fair that you are also as great? If you have done your homework in self improvement it's time to reap your rewards!! 😇

As of March 13, 2023 all pending members will undergo swift ZOOM Member Authentication (meet & greet) prior to membership approval and to be informed of the dating process. This is only 10 minutes at the most. Current members are also required to attend ZOOM Miscellaneous Discussion prior to dating events and to be informed of the dating process.

As of July 14, 2023: THIS IS NOW A DATING GROUP TOO (current members that are NON DATERS ARE still WELCOME). Ironic but sweet- WE ARE ALSO HAPPY WHEN SUCCESSFULLY PARTNERED MEMBERS LEAVE THE GROUP. (So number of members is not what matters most in this group).

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS (for fairness, safety, comfort & convenience):
-21 and above, Single, Single parent, Legally Divorced, Widow/Widower. This group is not intended for someone currently in a relationship nor into polyamory.
-a permanent first name or nickname (changing your name or nickname without prior notice not allowed)
- have a decent head shot or any photo showing member’s actual/unencumbered face &
answers to profile questions
-willing to be photographed in non dating group events OR IF NOT WILLING TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED -PLEASE MAKE LEADERSHIP KNOW ASAP
*** Daters will not be photograped during dating events***
-& have a desire for self improvement
Just joining to be a member in this group is a practice into self improvement 😊

NOTE: This had been a private group (which can never go back to being public ever/ meetup policy) so your names, photos, profile answers etc. will never be open to the public.
The organizers will do their best to do many ways to screen (we do remove no photo, second accounts, flakers, fakes, firedoorers, etc. etc. & prepare members) but daters must still do their own background checks, etc. on their potential partners before getting serious.
We will also not tolerate people who break house rules and requirements.

# 2 “THOU SHALT NOT say or do anything that is NOT SUPPORTIVE of the group.”
In short—BE KIND TO EVERYONE and the group itself.

If ever you encounter any problem with any member please try to solve it among yourselves first if you can. No one including yourself is perfect so please give people the benefit of the doubt. KINDNESS always goes a long long way. If unable to solve an issue despite some effort or if it needs immediate attention then let leadership know ASAP. In order to understand/help you and for it not to happen to others we need to know. Yes, we listen to both sides.

# 3 “THOU SHALT NOT COMMENT IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING” (also an extension of # 2)
We understand life happens but changing your RSVP prior to ANY deadline or NOT less than 24 hours to “NOT COMING” QUIETLY is all you need to do/to be polite for non dating events. (This is also to avoid pinging everyone unnecessarily.) This platform is supposed to be a meetup group so PRIORITY IS MEETING UP! (Face to face communication)

#4 DATERS SHOULD KNOW BETTER NOT TO FLAKE, GHOST, CLOAK, FIREDOOR, BE A SUBMARINER etc, etc. Once you started dating eventually we will use email outside meetup or any phone number for convenience.

***PREFERRED MAIN COMMUNICATION especially early on between organizer/owner & pending members (it will be assumed that you know what group you joined & have read the group ABOUT section before joining) or active members or previously known persons ONLY will be DIRECT MESSAGE.

We just ask that you limit messaging/expecting fast reply few hours prior to events for the priority is to get ready, our attendees and the event. Of course remember & apply the group house commandments.

Same way you can access the group, see members, photos etc. it's just fair leadership MUST be able to contact you by either group messaging, DM, online or in person especially related to events you signed up for/attending (it will be assumed that you read the event details before signing up). If there is no way to communicate then a membership will not be allowed. Part of learning is having a 2 way street always. Communication will cease when a member decides to leave the group anytime (but is also free to come back but still have to follow house rules/requirements).

THESE APPLY TO ALL MEMBERS re dating and non dating events:
LATE CANCELLATION (LC): updating RSVP (or messaging) less than 24 hours prior to the event
NO SHOW (NS): still signed up in the event but did not show up OR
confirmed coming through messaging but did not show up
LC has the same impact to the group like a NS and depending on the situation NS and LC will be taken against membership.
A NS or LC can be erased in order to stay a member. One way is to attend a posted volunteering event. For other ways (like co hosting an event etc.) you may DM the main organizer.

There are events that it’s truly fine to be LATE and we can still accommodate you. You can also LEAVE EARLIER during some events as long as you inform the host before you leave. (This is to align with Meetup safety.)

KNOW THOUGH THAT DATING EVENTS, PLAY, FMSC volunteering, ESCAPE ROOMS etc., will require you to be on time or even early.

HOST + GUESTS: guests are from our other private groups managed by same leadership.

We do have events that are a sure go which are not dependent on the number of attendees but WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE EVENTS due to low attendance, “acts of God”, etc.

Do not just rely on meetup emails before going to events. You must check our GROUP PAGE for ACCURATE event status especially for canceled or rescheduled events.

Here’s our URL link:

We now also call this private group:

S Single, Smart, Supportive 
A Active Artistic Altruistic Adventurous 
F Fun Funny Fair Friendly (Fully Vaccinated-mostly)
E Eclectic (Eccentric) Educational & Enthusiastic about Self Improvement

April 8, 2020: formerly Chicago Singles Meetup Group, a public group without age range originally doing tech start ups then tried holding speed dating events before the original organizer stepped down.

6/23/2020: A NEW leadership & a start of many CHANGES such as being a private group, separation of ages, some trial and error, COVID-19 hassles, etc. This is an ever evolving group. If you believe:
- “You reap what you sow”
-you have a high RSVP quotient /you have a word of honor (NOT just using the group as an option until you late cancel or no show)
-in Self Improvement and prefer quality over quantity then this is the group for you!

Continuing as a SINGLES* group but NOW for 21 and up (*has nothing to do if you are dating, in a relationship or neither but DEFINITELY NOT MARRIED). So single parent, divorced and widow/widower are also included.

This is a group where you can meet new FRIENDS or if you are new in town you will not feel alone. We also prefer the feeling of FAMILY (family are supposed to take care of one another). Once a member you are a member for life. You can leave for any reason and can come back too anytime but you still have to follow the transparent requirements/house rules. Also, any married couple that started here (or any meetup group) as singles will still be welcome and always part of the family. In the future there will be designated events for couples only up to creating a new group by itself.

Another reason for this group is for singles who prefer to be single most of their lives up to forever. On the other hand if while a member love happens-that’s great! We have to keep the world go around and round right? BUT WAIT, aren’t we supposed to be our BEST SELVES FIRST in order to find “the one” (or be found) and also keep the relationship??? Not a bad idea, right? There is always room for improvement in our lives. There’s always a problem that can be solved. That’s another purpose of this group. Also, we will be mingling and learning so much about ourselves and others while having meaningful and fun activities. This is also a place where artistic talents and other passions can be expressed. You may not know that you actually have a hidden gem of a talent or passion!

This is my first group ever as a primary meetup organizer/owner…
(but I’m not the original organizer nor was I a previous member of this particular group because I was taken during that time) it’s also during the height of COVID-19 and while many groups are getting inactive or closed —but against all odds— “ONE LESS LONELY PERSON IN THE WORLD” was enough for me to save this group from closing and keep on going for many years despite many groups disappearing/closing even after COVID-19 improved.