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Feidi Book Bureau,Building 423 6 Cengdong 1-12 Futian

深圳市福田区,八卦岭 423 栋,6 层东 1-12. · Shenzhen

How to find us


We invite you all for 12th Designer meetup organised by Madrasters.


Calling all Creative Minds & artistic souls in Shenzhen!

号召所有在深圳拥有创造性思维和艺术灵魂Want to meet design experts from various industry, find like minded people? Want to meet & learn from other Creative people, startups or entrepreneurs? Want to find creative partners, explore collaborations, maybe hire someone? Join us!!!

希望接触来自各种行业的设计大牛们,寻找与自己想法相同的人们吗?希望接触和学习来自其它拥有创造力的人们,还是初创企业或企业家? 如果想找到创造性的伙伴,探索合作机会, 或者去聘请某人?加入我们吧!

What is Madrasters?


Madrasters is design community founded in INDIA. We have more than 5000 creative together as a community, actively doing seminars, meetups, conference around India. It is time for the Creative Minds in Shenzhen to have a get together regularly, build a true community.

Madrasters是一个在印度成立的设计师交流协会. 我们拥有超过5000有创意的人一起在这个社区里, 在印度我们积极做研讨会、聚会、讨论。是时候我们在深圳这里让有创意的人们召集起来, 创建一个我们深圳真正的创意人社群。 Who are the Organiser?


Madrasters ( Saravana , Co-Founder ) (

Who is invited?


We invite all of you creative talents of SZ to join us. Any type of designer, web, graphic, fashion, product or industrial as long as you have a Creative Mind you are welcome! Also we don't discriminate any nationality or language, we look forward to create a multicultural community!

我们希望邀请了全深圳的拥有创意头脑的你来加入我们. 所有类型的设计师, 网页, 图形、时尚、产品或工业只要你有创造性思维欢迎您! 我们也不对任何国籍或语言没有任何的要求, 因为我们期待的是创造一个多元文化的社群!

What will we be doing?


Madrasters have one motto, which is “ LEARN & SHARE". Experts from various design industry, will share their knowledge and experience with us !

Madrasters有一个口头禅,就是“学习和分享”. 来自各个设计行业的专家.将会与我们分享他们的知识和经验!

How much does it cost?


A big ZERO.. Open to everyone ! You don't have to be a "Designer" or "Architect" to walk into this event, If you believe in putting users first then you're more than welcome to join us. All you have do is believe in your creativity in you.

我们这里是免费的! 在这个活动里你不需要是一名设计师或者建筑师,如果你相信,如果你相信把用户放在第一位,那么你非常欢迎加入我们的行列。你所要做的就是相信你自己的创造力。

Who is not welcome ? (这一段只需要英文,不需要翻译)

People who have Polar Bears as their Pet animal ( as we don't have a sufficient temperature facilities)

Zombies from Bio War Apocalypse ( * this doesn't mean we are zombie racist )

Harry Potter

If you are/was the person sitting on first bench answering all question your speaker asks

* just kidding all the above can also come except Harry Potter

You can Join with our Facebook group :-)

How to join?


Just drop by that day but please RSVP , and please share with your Creative friends!

如果你想加入过我们,你只要那一天来到我们的活动,也请你告诉邀请你来这活动的朋友, 分享这次活动的经验与你拥有创造力的朋友们!

Be Happy, Have Fun & Let's Go crazy!

希望你们快乐,玩得开心和让我们一起疯起来吧 !

For details : William[masked]