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This group is ideal for all levels who are interested in learning basic martial arts skills, self-defense and increase their level of fitness.

The focus of this meetup is inspired by the late Bruce Lee, who developed his Chinese Boxing Methods (Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do) based on Modified Wing Chun, Western Boxing (& Savate) and Fencing.

Through a simple formulaic process which consists of easy to learn techniques and partner drills, you will build a solid foundation to work with (that can be used in a self-defense situation immediately).

**This is not a Kickboxing or MMA class... if you're looking for that, you may want to look elsewhere. **

What results from the training is a diverse physical exploration in martial arts that is safe to learn, and covers a wide range of tools: striking, kicking, standing grappling (clinch), counter-grappling strategies (defense from common grabs, holds etc) and also the use of weapons (edged and blunt impact weaponry).

From this you will evolve your own expression of the techniques taught with the idea that there are no 'systems' - only people moving in a relationship to one another. How far you take your skills is up to you. Consistent training will not only give you valuable skills in the event of a physical confrontation, but also help you develop better coordination, awareness, balance, posture, increased fitness as well as a more focused mind.

I welcome anyone to come try out the class. Even if you know nothing about martial arts or just want to learn some basic self protection skills. This class offers a fun active workout, and our class is built off the framework of performance and positive psychology. This means you can train in a healthy and safe environment.

While we work hard to learn the techniques and principles, it is equally important to be able to take the lessons learned into life so you can perform at your best in life and career.

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