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The purpose of this MeetUp is to introduce Robert Kiyosaki's philosophy of financial education and financial literacy through the board game Cashflow 101. Members will learn and understand, by playing the game, what is required in real life to create financial independence by "getting out of the rat race". The more often you play the game, the more financially astute you will become.

It does not matter if you have never played the game or are an experienced investor/business owner. However, those who wish to join should be motivated to creating freedom in their life, both financial freedom and time freedom.

The name of the game is CASHFLOW, which means passive or residual income. So whether you have an interest in real estate, business ownership, MLMs, royalties, or other such vehicles, this is the MeetUp group for you. You will have an opportunity to meet, create relationships with, and learn from individuals with similar goals and the mindset for success.

You will learn what it takes to have more: what it takes to have more money, more time, more success, more freedom. As you apply the lessons you learn, you can get out of the rat race in real life.


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