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Tired of the being alone? Sick of books, conferences, and groups that just talk about finding your ideal mate, or worse, giving you meaningless and repetitive information? Are you tired of looking for the one that God has for you?

Christian Singles Connect was created to actually solve those problems. We take the time to actually look deep into the issues that plague singleness and pull out solutions. Through networking, debating, and events, we hope to end your days of loneliness.
Invite your friends and let's have some fun!

Men and women are welcome, and you don't have to be Christian to join.

Note: We are a candid group and encourage everyone to speak, ask questions, and give their personal experiences. We try to keep things realistic, open, and honest. This is a safe place.

We have members from ages 25 to 55 which live in multiple countries and states. We are officially located in Atlanta, GA, USA.
CSC Recommendations and Conduct. *******************

The best way to utilize CSC is to befriend everyone, especially those of the opposite gender. Those interested in you will naturally gravitate toward you. We try to have lots of events there is no need to rush.

For men, this gives you time to “predate” women at no cost. You don’t have to worry about dates because you’re getting to know the person while you hang out at CSC.

For women, this allows you time to relax and “watch” the men to see who is a good fit.

CSC works hard to provide events almost every weekend, especially during the warm months. Members come out often. If there is an event that you’d like to do, simply let the organizers know.

CSC's desire is for your marriage. The goal of CSC Events is twofold.

1.    To provide a “High School” environment where you can talk to those in the group to get to know them first, before you become romantic.
2.    To be a “wing-person” so that you will be comfortable leaving home. (CSC recognizes that women generally outnumber the men, so we try to find places where there may be more single men available.)

If you jump the gun and try to force a relationship, that person may become uncomfortable and not come back to the group. We’re not in the “grocery store” or at the “gas station.” There’s no need to rush. Also just because you liked someone at an event, there’s no need to jump into their DMs if they haven’t shown interest. The best way to know is to come back and be a regular at the events. Eventually your person will come.
If anyone feels uncomfortable, please tell one of the organizers. We will work with the offending person and explain the “vibe” of CSC. If the person refuses to listen, we will ask them not to come back to any events and will remove their membership.

CSC has a PG-13 energy. You may talk about almost anything that would be in a PG-13 movie. However, do not use excessive profanity or “mature” words/phrases. We understand that to express yourself, especially when discussing dating, you may want to talk about certain subjects. But “how” you talk about those subjects matters. Please don’t try to demean or dominate anyone. In doing so, you are proving that you need to work on yourself and deal with your own problems before dating.

Enjoy. Relax. Chill. Be Friendly. Remember God is watching.


Upcoming events (4+)

Where the H@&%$ is my Person?

Needs a location

Why won't your person show up? Did they get hit by a bus or are they just the late kid in class. My friend Jeremiah will help us to understand.


11AM - EST (Atlanta/New York)
(10AM Central [Texas] / 8AM Pacific [California] / 3PM London)
Anyone around the globe is welcome to attend. We are Christian, but we are not judgmental - This is a safe place. Meeting will be placed on YouTube with faces blurred.


**ZOOM SPACE IS LIMITED. First 100 People to Dial In. **
Zoom Meeting Link will be sent 2 hours before the meeting.

Singles Mixer- The Hudson

Needs a location

Our August singles mixer will be at The Hudson- Dyckman Marina in Inwood Park.

This restaurant has beautiful views of the Hudson River- romantic setting with great music!

The mixer is FREE! Participants will only be responsible for any food or drinks they purchase during the event.

We look forward to seeing you at the mixer!


September and October Events (Selection)

Link visible for attendees

Thank you to everyone who attended last month's planning session. We are seeking your suggestions for events you would like to attend in September and October.

Please select as many events that might interest you. We will select the final activities based on the activity/event that most people select. In addition, please select the dates you will be available to attend the events you selected.


Feel free to make your selection using the Google Doc link above, add your choice in the chat below or send a direct message to me.

Events include: Karaoke, Axe Throwing, Bowling, Hiking, Picnic (park or beach), Sports Bar or Sports Event, Dance Class/Event or Game Night.

*** August 25th is the last day to make your selection ***
*** September and October events will be posted by August 30th ***

We look forward to receiving your selections.

Thursday Talks

Needs a location

Have something on your heart that you just want to get out? Join Lori and friends for a few hours to just talk life out.

This is open conversation. No counseling will be done. Any advice given is from Christian Singles Connect (CSC) and must be used at your own risk.

7:30PM - EST (Atlanta/New York)

Anyone around the globe is welcome to attend. We are Christian, but we are not judgmental - This is a safe place.

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent 2 hours before the meeting.

Past events (39)

Summer (Movie) on the Hudson: Pier I- "La La Land"

Needs a location

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