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Sacramento Support for Chronic Pain and Illness!
Let's get back together to share stories, feelings, resources, strategies! Please Invite Your Significant Others to this Meeting! It’s Time We Hear From You Guys/Gals Again Along With Our “Regular” Members! (Even if you are a significant other – parent, sibling, spouse, etc. – of someone dealing with chronic pain/illness, you may come on your own if for some reason you can’t get your S.O. to attend. We can be there for you for what you might want to share, gain some support on, learn about…. We are All in this Together!

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Respond by: 1/9/2019

What we're about

We are group of people that gives support for those coping with chronic pain, physical disability and illness. We support each other through sharing experiences, feelings and knowledge. I'm sorry, but we are not a cancer support group specifically.

In order to attend the meeting, a member must be able to commit to the following meeting etiquette:

1. Positive attitude

2. Be nonjudgmental towards others

3. Realize that we all experience our world differently from one another and we should refrain from trying to impose our experiences or perceptions on others

4. Suggestions are great; but be careful with unsolicited advice. Also you may run the risk of abusing the previous rule.

5. Careful with too much advice, in general---some people just need someone to listen.

6. Be open-minded

7. It's okay to cry

8. It's okay to laugh

Whenever you RSVP, you commit to following the above rules of etiquette.

Privacy for Face-To-Face Meetings

Rule: Assume that attendees want to be as anonymous as they can be, unless they tell you otherwise.

I do not mention any names of attendees in order to have a certain level of privacy in our face-to-face meetings. If someone specifically tells me that they're going to put something on the message board or lets me know that I can name them, then I will. Otherwise, we try to keep a certain level of privacy that is almost like that in AA meetings, although not quite as anonymous, since members often use their real names and even pictures that show on each meeting link when they RSVP.

The Message Board

One note about our Message Board and this support group in general, no one on this site whether it is online or in a face-to-face meeting has the authority to give out medical advice. Decisions about medical treatments should be made by one's doctor. The purpose of people sharing information and experiences about medical treatments whether mainstream or alternative on the Message Board or in face-to-face meetings is to give people other options that they can discuss with their doctor. Also, if you want to give suggestions or share experiences about your own illness or medical treatments please remember that we do all have different types of illnesses, different symptoms, and medications affect everyone differently.

Also, everyone has a different comfort level with how much information they want to disclose on an Internet site. Please only share what you want to share. You don't have to share anything at all on the Message Board, it is just a resource that some people might want to use.


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