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What we’re about

"Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence" - Carl Sagan

There is a lot of nonsense in the world: pseudoscience, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomenon, and other oddities. Skepticism is a method of assessing any claim (particularly fringe claims) using science, reasoning, and critical thinking.

We aren't cynics - we are methodological truth seekers. We are mythbusting science advocates who believe in good quality double-blind peer reviewed research. We protect consumers from fraud and misinformation by understanding how facts can be manipulated and how the mind can be fooled.

A growing rationalist movement is changing the face of skepticism to include cultural and political claims, which means that we can also be tireless defenders of important evidence-based topics such as the benefits of safe vaccines, the truth of evolution by natural selection, and the hazards of global climate change. Though the scope of skepticism can be blurred by modern concerns, we are careful to understand the difference between empirical fact and subjective opinion.

The Skeptical Society of Cincinnati exists to promote science and reason in the region. We hope to be a resource for freethinkers to meet each other and learn from experts. Eventually, we would like to shift to an outreach mission to educate the public about the science-based perspective for controversial topics.

Welcome! Hope to see you soon at one of our Science Cafe events or Skeptics in the Pub gatherings.