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Please be aware that we cannot approve new members without a surname or initial as part of your PROFILE name, ie Jane Murphy or Jane M. If your application does not include this information you will not be approved so there's really no point in applying. If you're not sure what to do just do not enter your Christian name on it's own anywhere on the application form.



We have updated our profile rules. Please be aware as and from 1 Jan 2017 we will not accept applications without a photo. This photo must be a close up of your face. We want to get to know each member so photos of scenery, animals etc will not be accepted.

Also your profile name must include your surname or initial - such as "Susan Smith" or "Susan S" or your application will be denied automatically. In the next section you should then add your full surname as it appears on your bank statement. These rules are very important and must be adhered to if you want to be considered as a member of this group. We just want to make it easier for everyone to get to know you. We are trying to keep this group as intimate and friendly as we possibly can while running it as efficiently as possible.


Circle of Friends50+

Expand your social network and share fun experiences, explore new places, and make new friends.

We are a group of Dublin men & women of a certain age who want to make new friends and have the craic. Live music, theatre, dining, bowling, cinema, weekend breaks, cultural events, foreign holidays - the list is endless.

If this seems like the group for you and you are aged 50-70 why not join now. You will be required to pay €5 within 2 weeks of joining the group. All unpaid members will be DELETED after 1 month. This fee is due for renewal each January. .

We are always happy to welcome new members but please take note that as and from Jan 2016 applications without a surname WILL BE DECLINED. This is without exception as it causes far too much confusion with payments etc as we have multiple members with the same first name. We also require a personal photo of each member.

Code of Conduct: The group is intended to be relaxed, informal and friendly. As a minimum, the following code of conduct is expected of all members, hosts and organisers.

No abuse of the organisers/other members will be tolerated. (verbal/physical)

No using the group for commercial enterprise

If you change your mind about attending an event please change your RSVP in good time, so others can partake in the event AND contact the host by phone (not email). If you change your mind on the day of the event it is not sufficient to change your rsvp on the site. You must contact the host by phone/text.

Any member who repeatedly breaches this code will be removed from the group and banned.

Please note: If you are living outside Dublin this group is probably not the one for you as most of our events take place in the city centre.


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