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What we’re about

For clarity, please use the following definitions when reading this post:
Cisgender (CIS) - A person who is born with the sex organs of the gender they identify with.
Transgender (TRANS) - A person whose sex organs do not match their true gender. MTF, FTM, non-binary, non-gender, gender fluid, etc.
IF YOU ARE CIS, and you need help relating to your trans child; sibling, parent, friend, partner, co-worker, associate, neighbor, etc. - this group is for you.
Learn from those who have experience dating, living, and/or working with trans people. 
Bring your own experience to the table, and help those who may be struggling with the same issues you had.

MEMBERSHIP IS LIMITED to cis persons only for ease of management.

MEETINGS are once a month: Some will be for members only. Others will include members and guest(s); preferably the trans person/people that inspired them to join the group in the first place. There is no age limit for members or guests.

*Currently suspended $1.00 PER MEETING FEE will be collected to help with the cost of maintaining the group. Only members will be asked to pay. The money will allow us to join public events, such as Pride Week in Portland. We can also use it for group events, like a summer B-B-Q, or to reserve a venue for a formal get together.

*Whatever is said in group - STAYS IN GROUP.
*Respect everyone's preferred pronouns, even if you don't understand them.   
*NO JUDGEMENT HERE. Please think before you speak.
Anyone who cannot abide by these rules will be permanently removed from the group.