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http://www.citizeninventor.com - the overarching community for everything citizen science
http://www.spacetownhall.com - the space focused initiative of the community

We are a open and inclusive (online and offline) platform for pushing the boundary of science and engineering via events and projects, by citizen for citizen. We believe in life long ad-hoc learning of science and engineering through doing hands-on projects, with a focus on space technology and exploration in particular.

But before it's too late, let us tell you that Space is a big place and we need all kinds of makers, techies and creatives. We believe everyone knows something - what part can you do in making space colony? Take a small exploration step at a time with us.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch: contactme [at] citizeninventor [dot] com

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Queen Mary Law Building - Room 210

Satuccino in the City

Runway East

[POLL] Satellites, what should we do with them?


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