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Black Rock Canyon

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Black Rock Canyon


Black Rock is a new map on rugged and complex Owyhee terrain about 10 miles south of Bruneau. There are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. It's a long way from Boise. The prospect of driving on treacherous roads during or after a snowstorm will cause me to re-schedule the meet. Because the meet might be re-scheduled at the last minute, please include a phone number with your RSVP.
  2. If the ground is frozen, there will be adequate space for parking. We can't count on frozen ground in February. Car pooling is a really good idea to make best use of the limited parking. this meet is scheduled for February 12.
  3. I don't believe there is cell phone coverage in the canyon. Otherwise, it is probably available.

John spent a day on site in late September and thoroughly enjoyed following a course he had designed at his desk. Often the first visit to a new venue results in radical changes to a course design to account for field conditions he can't anticipate at a desk. That was not the case at Black Rock Canyon. The vegetation is simple--scattered sagebrush, rabbit brush, and other species. Cheat grass, never dense, covers the entire area. It was never a problem with gaiters and awn resistant shoes. Basalt outcrops like those pictured above punctuate large areas of flat runnable terrain. The only thing, and it's an important consideration, that prevents the terrain from being 100% runnable is the prevalence of softball-size rocks on much of the venue. Safety requires extra attention to foot placement in many locations.

Cliffs are the predominant feature for control placement and navigation. It was not very useful to try to map all of the many boulders. Their absence from the map, with a few exceptions, produces what we believe will be a less cluttered and more readable map.

Please RSVP by Thursday evening February 9 with name, course choice, and phone number to ensure you will have a map. You can RSVP either in the comments below or directly to .

Liability Waivers:
Non-members please bring printed and signed liability waivers (available for download at ) from home. We will have blanks if you forget. If you are bringing a minor who is NOT your own child, you MUST bring a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Sturdy shoes are a must; we also recommend gaiters to protect your legs and feet from cheat grass. Some slopes are steep and unstable. It's not a city park, so safe travel requires attention to your footing on hillsides. A compass is essential for setting and following bearings.
Starts from 10:00AM to 12:00AM. Course closes at 2:00PM.

Meet Location:
Meet Start/Finish
Ten miles south of Bruneau on the west side of State Highway 51.

There's not a lot of parking space. Park in such a way that you do not obstruct the two-track
The Google Map pin below shows the location of the start and finish.
Punching at Control:
This meet won't have e-punching.
Classic format traveling in sequential order. You're welcome to go at whatever pace you prefer :)
The terrain does not support a Beginner Course.
Sport (2.34, 92m elevation gain, 7 controls)
A good choice if it's your first time orienteering or you'd like to develop your navigation skills.
Intermediate (4.3km, 136m elevation gain, 11 controls)
An opportunity to apply compass-bearing and contour-reading in rugged terrain.
Advanced (6.64km, 318m elevation gain, 15 controls)
Same terrain and technical ability as intermediate with a lot more endurance required.
Depending on available time and my energy, we might have a Super Course (8.15km, 318m elevation gain, 17 controls)
Same terrain and technical ability as intermediate with a lot more endurance required and enough distance to satisfy that need to run.
Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members
Single Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members
If more than one map is needed for a team, a small additional fee may be needed per the discretion of the meet director depending on printing costs.
CTOC annual membership:
Regular $45 (pays for all local meets).
Family $65 (pays for all local meets).
Join in February for Monthly Pro-Rata for membership fees:
Month Regular Family
February $42 $60
Membership form and instructions found here.

Kirsten Severud

City of Trees Orienteering Club
City of Trees Orienteering Club
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