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What we’re about

It is difficult to comprehend the existence of malignant Narcissists, Sociopath or Psychopaths (severe spectrum of Personality Disorders) until an encounter with one is so shocking, and causes us to research someones behavior.  Even then, knowing our person fits the pattern perfectly, the cognitive dissonance creeps up on us causing us to question reality again and again. Well meaning friends and family members don't believe us, and even some long term survives don't believe the experience of transitional targets.  From our meetup, many You will have a chance to work through your blocks, understand your vulnerabilities, learn from others' struggles so you feel less alone and isolated.  It is my believe that each one of us has the power to move forward and become a happier you.  Each one of us has the ability to manage a life that free from the negative influence of Psychopaths or Narcissists of our lives.  You first have to own up your role and step by step reconstruct events that led you to where you are today.  By understanding that at each step, you had the absolute control to steer yourself away from being manipulated by the Psychopaths or Narcissists in your life, you regain control and then able to repeat the pattern of being a victim.  Our mission here together is to build a trusting community designed to help you to regain clarity from the negative influences of people with personality disorders. Please refrain from socializing off the private group meetings. Some PDs will disguise as victims and look for east preys. Keep in mind, this support group is created and run with people who are not professional therapists, and you should also ought to seek their help outside of our clarity and growth group. To some we maybe all you needed to move forward, to some we are not enough. Members here are welcome to submit your contents to me that you think may help others. Our further mission is to encourage members to put together their stories and present them in line of courageous self growth and development. It will be a healing exercise for all.