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YOU KNOW how good it feels to belt out a great rock song? Wait till you try it will a room full of likeminded rockers! And then... with the professional back up band!!!


We memorize and refine harmonies to epic rock tunes (chosen by the choir) like Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, Don't Stop Believin', Carry On My Wayward Son, just to name a few! (SEE YouTube links below!) This year we even got to go into the recording studio!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Our patient (and hilarious) musical director coaches us until we can confidently and impeccably belt out these harmonically complex and rhythmically challenging songs - and we all learn it!

TRY IT! Anyone, any age is welcome to come and try it out - the first two weeks in September and the first two weeks in January. -the more the merrier! Last year we had 65 registered members between the ages of 16 - 80! Check out our latest videos on the YouTube links below, and our first recordings on Sound Cloud! https://soundcloud.com/harmonyhousestudio/dont-stop-believing?in=harmonyhousestudio/sets/2016-dare-to-dream-sessions

DETAILS: The choir meets every Thursday night from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Pemberton Heights Community Hall: 2260 Phillip Avenue, in North Vancouver. Our year runs September - June, taking 3 week break in December and a 2 week break in March.

Everyone is welcome to come and try our choir free of charge for the first couple times you come. When you decide you'd like to join us regularly the TOTAL COST $479 for the year (10% savings for yearly membership).

Can't commit to a whole year? We start with new repertoire in January so you can join by term:

Term 1 (September - December): $213
Term 2 (January - June): $319

FAMILIES ROCK! 20% off for couples/family members

Prefer to drop in? Sorry, but that doesn't work with what we're trying to accomplish.

AMAZING VALUE! Membership dues help to cover the hard costs of running the choir:
1) the weekly cost of the hall rental and the directors
2) the Kay Meek Theatre rental including sound & lightening techs & a professional back up band for 4 performances & 4 sound checks (and directors)
3) two recording sessions at a professional recording studio with professional sound engineers, a professional back up band and directors.

December 8th or 9th - recording session at Harbourside Institute of Technology
December 15th 2018 - 25th Annual Winter Express Concert at Kay Meek Studio Theatre

June 15th or 16th - recording session at Harbourside Institute of Technology
June 22nd, 2019 - 25th Annual Dare to Dream Concert at Kay Meek Studio Theatre

WE ARE A PERFORMANCE ORIENTED CHOIR; Performing at a refined level of execution is our idea of FUN! REGULAR ATTENDANCE IS NECESSARY in order for us to reach our goals.

WE ARE A PARTICIPANT LED CHOIR FOSTERING A GROUP MIND: We all appreciate and enjoy the "group mind" experience! The intent of this choir (as with all things Harmony House Training & Education) is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where participants feel like they belong and are cared about. Our repertoire is chosen by the choir (not the director), have you ever heard of a choir getting to choose their repertoire? It is a truly unique concept and we have a beautifully fair anonymous voting system that insures no special treatment for anyone. Because of this system most people feel satisfied with the choice of repertoire even when their favourite song doesn't get chosen.

SO SO SO MUCH FUN SOCIAL EVENTS! Above and beyond the performances and recording sessions, the choir is a big part of a very special social evenings with Harmony House Training & Education Center to mark the end of the year. Join us for our Wrap Party in June and receive a very special momento of your season with us!

CRC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CRCVancouver/?modal=admin_todo_tour

CRC YouTube LINKS: All these songs were chosen by the choir. More than 1/2 the people in the videos below had never sung in a group before let alone performed! Don't let the fact that you're inexperienced stop you. If you LOVE Classic Rock Music, and LOVE the idea of belting out these great tunes with like minded souls accompanied by a professional band, then come and try it!


ABOUT OUR MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Keith Sinclair.... is professional guitarist, song writer and choral music arranger who is also a vocal soloist with the renowned Chor Leoni Men's Choir in Vancouver. Keith attained his Bachelor of Jazz (guitar) from Capilano University in 2012 and shortly after began working for Harmony House Training and Education Center. His dedication to the HH vision and community makes him the perfect educator for this choir and we were doubly blessed one year to have his band "No Island" back us up for our concert! Check out our performance video links above!

Check out Keith's band here: http://www.no-island.com/

and here! https://www.facebook.com/NoIslandBand?fref=ts

Keith is as well loved for his humour as he is for his gentle compassion and attention to detail. He leads each rehearsal with fun and friendship in mind and some how manages to have the choir sounding super tight and ready to perform 2 - 3 memorized songs at the end of each term. Not only does he prepare us, but he manages to conduct us, conduct the band and play in the band (sometimes on piano and guitar!). He is truly AMAZING!

ABOUT THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Sandi Melody is the visionary behind Harmony House Training and Education Center (Since 1993) where she specializes in teaching contemporary vocal technique, small vocal ensembles, and performance classes. Sandi produces 12 full scale concerts each year for Harmony House as well as maintaining her own professional singing career. She is co-director of the Spirit's Call Choir and creator/teacher of Yoga-sing, Vancouver http://www.yoga-sing.com

- Sandi Melody, Owner/Director Harmony House Training and Education Center & Spirit's Call Choir's: http://harmonyhousemusicstudio.com/ and co-director of Spirit's Call Choir: http://www.spiritscallchoir.ca

Facebook - Harmony House: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harmony-House-Music-Training-Performance-Center/151398321582952

Facebook - Yoga-sing!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1557002894417573/?ref=bookmarks

ABOUT OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN: Jeremy Vallance is the new co-owner/director at Harmony House Training & Education Center where he also teaches piano, singing and public speaking. Jeremy is an expert choral director having directed Spirit's Call Choir - Winnipeg for 8 years before moving to BC and starting Spirit's Call Choir - Vancouver (spiritscallchoir.ca). Jeremy is also a computer programmer and web designer, and creator practice of tools for the choir to help expedite learning and skill building. He also helps out the rock choir by singing in the bass and tenor sections whenever needed.

The Classic Rock Choir is offered by Harmony House Training & Education Center and so shares


"Your music on your terms"

"Education through experience"

"Unlimited Possibilities!"

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