Dynamic Reactive Programming Language Design

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Red Twig Cafe and Bakery

117 5th Ave S · Edmonds, WA

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Not too far from the Edmonds-Kingston ferry up north from Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond. The sunsets are dramatic here.

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Hi there!

I know you want to be one of the founders with us of a new dynamic distributed declarative reactive programming language. (Sorry for so many words :-), it's just almost exactly what it supposed to have in its core and purpose.)

We truly believe that we finally found a way of how to get our heads around it! This language is going to disrupt so many areas of technology, and to enable absolutely new ways of designing software and building hardware, that it takes our breath away each time we realize the impact.

Our ultimate goal actually is not a programming language at all, but creation of software-defined factories, which can manipulate physical matter in, you know, purely programmatic manner (isn't that cool?) It goes faaaaar beyond of 3D printing, allows robots to track a live catalog of everything being produced locating positions in real time, reusing produced parts, creating new parts from raw materials, and assembling them into new devices. And even disassembling, reusing, and recycling everything existing! Just imagine how it can disrupt the GPS system (for a modest example :-) )

It's our new clean planet with flow of matter as information (should we call it FoMaI by the analogy with SaaS and IoT?).

It's actually what IoT was intended to be (a guess). It's The Matrix, it's Borg (you know)), it's Transcendence...

An interesting part is that we think that we know how to get there. You can come and work with us. It's really fun. It's an insane amount of passion. It's coming. The future is coming. The singularity is out there somewhere, and will be here soon. Some day.

Hey, know what? Stop by for a casual meetup to get our thoughts in sync. Zero obligations. Open sharing. Unbounded goals. Step-by-step, we're getting there. Be with us now, or learn from news later.

Thank you so much for checking this crazy stuff out! Appreciate your time a lot!


There are Steve, Brian, Endri, Yassine, and we're trying to stay in touch with real geniuses in engineering and computer science all over the world.

(We'll meet more and more, just for 30 minutes, at other days, at 7:30 p.m. again. So make sure to leave a comment here or message directly.)