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What we're about

This group is for all people that live, work or operate in the Netherlands and who would like to meetup to learn about and practice Clean Language, as devised by David Grove.

Clean language is being used in lot's of great techniques/methods. Like Symbolic Modelling, Clean Space and Systemic Modelling to name a few. For anyone interested in Clean Language or any of these techniques/methods (mentioned or not) we hope to be able to provide an equal opportunity to gain some knowledge and experience.

We hope this online space will become a place where like minded people can come together so they will also meet up in person to learn and experience together what it is like to work with Clean Language. A space from where we can create and contribute to a growing Clean Community.

Would you like to find someone to practice with on a regular basis?
Would you like to join in bigger events?

Share your ideas and wishes so we can co-create opportunities for you and others.

Past events (10)

NL Oefengroep - Maart

Online event

NL Oefengroep - Februari

Online event

NL Oefengroep - Omgaan met verandering - Januari

Online event

NL Oefengroep

Online event

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