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This meetup offers people the chance to understand what gets in the way of clarity of mind. We all know that making decisions or behaving from a stressed state is not always the most productive way forward. In this meet up group we share an understanding of how our thoughts create emotional and physical realities, often undesired. When we look at the source of Thought and Consciousness, we find innate state of well-being.

Tapping into this wisdom naturally generates harmony in our lives, which transfers into our relationships, both personal, work and family. We discuss how everyone has their own source of mental health, well-being and insight and getting a greater awareness of this natural “state of mind”, is one of the biggest untapped advantages in life.

Do you want:

• Clarity and perspective

• More ease adapting to life's challenges

• Relief from overthinking, a quieter mind

• Less stress and more joy every day

• Better relationships

This meetup takes place on a monthly basis and we also hold a webinar in between the meet ups for discussion on people's insights and questions.

Imagine the possibilities available to you with more clear thinking?

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our next meet up.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Much love

Mark and Louise

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Emerald Book Club Online Meeting

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Emerald Book Club Online Meeting

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