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Cleveland Skat Club Night at Panera Brooklyn (Tiedeman)
We are playing at Panera in Brooklyn on Black Friday. It's Jess's birthday! Our regular venue, the Cleveland Männerchor is an authentic German social club serving great food and drink in a card-friendly atmosphere! This is our regular weekly Skat game where we play in a friendly, but competitive setting for prizes. Newer players are encouraged to check out our "Skat School" sessions to develop their skills before attempting "Club Nights". "Rookie" players who are newer to Skat and have not yet won a prize are eligible to compete at a reduced fee of just $1. Since we will be playing organized competition within the CSC, we will be following all rules of the International Skat Order (aka International Rules). The ISO is available for viewing here: http://www.skatcanada... ( We will be charging a $3 fee for CSC play ($1 for Rookies), all of which will be paid right back as prizes to the top 25% scoring participants at each event. We will also be assessing a “bump money” fee of $0.50 per lost hand ($1 after four losses) in order to pay for the cards, year-end prizes and other expenses. Rookie players do not pay bump money. Gut Blatt!

Panera Tiedeman

5090 Tiedeman Rd · Cleveland, OH


What we're about

"No other card game combines the elements of skill, psychology and chance as successfully as Skat." --Joe Wergin, author

Welcome to Northeast Ohio’s online home for Skat! Skat is the King of Card Games, unique in its ability to rival both the thrill and calculated risk taking of poker and the skill level and concentration demands of contract bridge! The Cleveland Skat Club is a group of regular Skat players devoted to the enjoyment of the game in a league-style competitive setting. We are similar to other leagues (golf, bowling, bridge, etc.) except that we play a much more interesting game!

We are an organized Skat club whose goals are to:

Recruit and teach newer players who already love to play card games and are looking for a new and exciting challenge and meeting like-minded people.

Promote the regular and competitive play of Skat through an organized competitive league with weekly meetings and occasional tournaments.

Develop our regular players into excellent competitors who can compete in tournaments organized by the International Skat Players Association throughout North America and the rest of the world.

Form and nurture lasting friendships among our players while promoting the highest levels of sportsmanship and fellowship.

Have fun playing a fantastic game of cards!

New to Skat? If you grew up here in North America, you may never have even have heard of the game. But if you love playing cards, there is a very good chance you will enjoy playing Skat. If you are a numbers-oriented, strategy-minded, puzzle-solving type of card player, there is an excellent chance you will enjoy Skat.

Want to learn more? If you don’t know how to play, come to one of our “Skat School” nights and we’ll show you the rules and the basic strategies.

Are you already a seasoned player? Come to one of our “Club Nights” and take on our tournament-caliber players. Club nights are played by International Skat Order (ISO) rules. These rules allow for no kontra/rekontra, no ramsch, but we do play these variations for social games. As a group we occasionally dabble in variations such as Pub Skat, Bauern Skat, Texas Skat, American (Tournee) Skat, Danish Skat, Spitze and Schieberamsch. Many of our members also enjoy playing Sheepshead.

Come join us for a new and exciting card playing experience!

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