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Wow, it's been over 2 years since we last talked about posing models, it’s such an essential piece of what we do, and it’s time to revisit the topic.

A majority of the questions I get revolve around posing. “How do I get the model to do what I want?” I think the best way to answer this is with an in studio demonstration. Posing is one of those areas that can always be worked on. The more you work on it the better you get. Models look to you for direction, as you gain confidence in providing this, you will see great improvement in your images. Over the years I have developed some tricks that have served me well, from where to have the model stand to how I stand. Even down to the placement of the hand.

Some models will already have an arsenal of poses, so learning to direct them can become even more important so they don’t fall into their comfortable routine. Posing is even more valuable if you are posing clients that are not models. There are techniques and things you should look for, no matter who is standing in front of your camera.

Let's get together and talk about the basics of working with models or clients, male or female, and their poses. We will discuss and you will watch me put a model into different poses and angles and even facial expressions. Though posing is a very subjective thing, there are definitely poses that universally do not work. When was the last time you loved an image of yourself showing a double chin?

I will go over what angles I look for and how I get the poses I want from the models. I will also go over poses that don’t work and why. This is not a shooting session but feel free to bring your camera.

BONUS: I have a male fitness model coming to help show how to show off the physique and muscularity