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Anatomy of a fashion photo shoot

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Needs a date and time

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From member Dr. Mark Zablotsky
1. A Punch list for each shoot that the photographer must address??? i.e. The who (which models, make up and hair people, helpers/grips and why). The what (what costumes, what lights, what props, and why)? The where (studio or on location, type of lighting available or what needs to be brought)? Logistics (i.e. contracts, time lines, model releases)?? The time (meaning planning, preparation before shooting, shooting times, tear down, and post processing???The budget (what will it cost to pull all this off)???
2. How do you pick and deal with hair and make up folks? Does the make up need to be selected based on the lighting you’re using? How does the artist communicate with the photographer and vice versa?
3. Use of backgrounds, stages, other props?
4. Big picture/peripheral issues, i.e. Networking, electronic/cyber marketing, meeting potential clients/galleries, etc., websites, portfolios (yours and helping models with theirs) how to make a presentable one.
Not sure what else to think about…