How Lucky Sort uses Clojure

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Dan from Lucky Sort ( will tell us about how they use Clojure.

The first section will be focused on answering a few "why?" questions:
- Why we chose clojure in the first place
- Why we enjoy using clojure
- Why we're excited about continuing to use clojure in the future

The second will get down into more of the nitty gritty ("how?"):
- Overview of where we're using clojure
- Specific problems that we think are particularly nice to solve with clojure

Time permitting the final section will cover things such as Fogus's Frake clone, core.match & core.logic, reflex, the incredible succinctness of lein & lein-core, this general-case bezier curve macro I wrote that I'm overly fond of.

As always, pizza and drinks will be provided by Simple.