FactUI, a rules engine for scaling business logic on the web

Minnesota Clojure Users Group (clojure.mn)
Minnesota Clojure Users Group (clojure.mn)
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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

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Following on from last month’s introduction to Clara Rules, we are going to look at FactUI, a Clara based approach to managing state and side effects in your clojurescript application.

FactUI has an integration with Rum, a react wrapper, which allows the developer to write a datalog query over the active rule set and fact set, much like the fantastic Datascript library.

Where FactUI and Datascript differ is in the algorithmic trade offs of forward chaining vs backward chaining.

If you want to learn more about how to bend business logic to your will in the browser this is your best bet.

We generally have 1-2 speakers.

A few drinks will be provided.