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What we’re about

🌩 Cloud Development Community 🤝 is all about bringing together a group of professionals who want to learn, network, and share their knowledge around the following topics/themes:

  • Cloud/Remote development
  • Speeding up software development processes,
  • Understanding the direction of utilizing cloud resources to improve
    Development Experience/DevOps and
  • Discussing ways to maximize Developer Productivity in organizations.

In light of how swiftly these themes are evolving, we encourage discussions on innovation in cloud-based development while boosting developers' productivity on their quest to achieving "The Productive Cloud"

🌟 We are here to help developers and organizations learn, connect and build using on-demand, ephemeral, and ready-to-code development environments.

🛠 All skill levels are welcome! With a diverse mix of hands-on workshops, expert panel discussions, and community events, there's something for everyone at any stage of their journey in Cloud Development adoption phenomenon!

💬 If you want to hear about a specific topic or want to volunteer to speak🗣,
just let us know :)

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