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What we’re about

React Native Developers of Charlotte is a meet up focused on learning, sharing, and building cross-platform mobile applications using React Native technology.

This is a technical group for beginning to advanced skillset.  Topics will include:

- State of React Native and incoming changes to the framework from Facebook

- Webpack and Metro Bundler

- CSS Styling

- Redux/MobX/State Management

- Frameworks and Packages like Ignite, Storybooks, and more

- Tools like FramerX and Builder X

- Code generation with Sketch or Adobe XD

- Android and iOS differences

Recruiters can join the group, however, we will ban anyone posting jobs or coming to meet up specifically to recruit developers.  If you are a recruiter, you are encouraged to participate in the group as a member providing tools and tips, or by sponsoring the group at your location or by providing food.

If you are a development shop you are encouraged to send speakers and to sponsor the group with location or food.  This is the best way to build report with the developers in the group. 

Spamming the group or not providing value to the group will not be tolerated.