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Ever wanted to pursue a career in the creative world? Ever applied to lots of different companies and heard that you’re lacking experience or that you weren’t successful this time around?

We have.

We have applied for tons of different roles and had tons of different meeting just to find out that “You are not the right candidate” trust us, we know how demotivating that could be.

That’s when one day we decided enough was enough, we had to take matters in to our own hand and do something about it.

We know that it’s tough for creatives to understand how things work and run in professional environments, we want to help make a real difference and help those around us and ourselves to adapt to changes and realize opportunities. That’s when our mission started. Our mission was to help those like us who have a passion for creativity and want to express themselves through it no matter what field it may be in.

Currently we are on a journey to create a ‘Creative Community’ where anyone is welcome no matter how much experience or how much knowledge they have about their field of interest. We want to create an environment where creatives can go and meet/network with other creatives.

A place where you can actually meet the people who are working on projects or are on the same path as you. And the best thing about this would be that you can help each other out, learn different skills, share projects, create content together and even build a team. Our mission is to learn from and to teach those who are around us to understand how to do things with confidence and professionally but most importantly to believe in themselves.

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