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CMX Connect events are about harnessing the incredible power of community. This program fulfils the need for community professionals to come together in-person and learn, grow, and, well… Connect!

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Reschedule!!Dr. Karen Bartuch, MA : Kicking Your Impostor Syndrome

https://events.cmxhub.com/events/details/cmx-chicago-presents-rescheduledr-karen-bartuch-ma-kicking-your-impostor-syndrome/ Presenting: Dr. Karen Bartuch - Business Professor | TEDx speaker | Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Humor Researcher, Adjunct Business Professor, DePaul University, Charles H. Kellstadt School of Business. Dr. Bartuch will discuss and share her knowledge and research on "Imposter Syndrome". What is it and how you can overcome it! Have you ever felt that your success was a result of luck, that you don't deserve your achievements or that you will be found out as an impostor?  Well, you are not alone, many high achievers feel this way - experiencing the "impostor phenomenon".  And it hinders performance and halts careers.  Learn more about the impostor phenomenon, how to combat it and supercharge your career!  Agenda 6:00 PM: Networking 6:30 PM: Introduce Yourself 6:35 PM: Dr. Karen Bartuch, MA "Kicking Your Imposter Syndrome" with Dr. Karen Bartuch, MA | Business Professor | TEDx speaker | Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Humor Researcher 7:30 PM: Discussion and Q & A --- Hosted By Jean Lavallie, CEO/Founder Jean LaVallie has created communities of women supporting women nationwide. With 19 WESOS chapters (Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success), women’s entrepreneur/networking group that believes that relationships come first, and business will follow. Our community attention that we are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs committed to cultivating authentic relationships and providing ongoing mutual support and resources for going or businesses. --- Advancing the community industry and helping community professionals thrive. --- https://events.cmxhub.com/events/details/cmx-chicago-presents-rescheduledr-karen-bartuch-ma-kicking-your-impostor-syndrome/

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