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I have a dream of a place where walking in feels like coming home. Where there are friends to see and make, interesting conversations to start and join... A place of inspiration for all who enter to find.

A place where my children can grow up surrounded by great minds and ideas, listening to deep conversations and one day learning to join in with their own thoughts and wonder. A village, invested in every member, bonds and friendships that ease my worries that living far from family will keep my kids from having the love of a multitude or knowing what extended family feels like from inside.

A place where we have time and space to build our dreams, professional & personal; to create beautiful works alone or together. A place where all of us are supported in the pursuit of our full potential and greatest selves.

A place of ideas, dreams, of compassion, of cheerleaders reminding us of how much we are capable of in the moments when we forget.

A place to host gatherings that expand and deepen our relationships and our minds. With supplies and opportunities to practice our passions and discover our passions yet unknown.

A place to share meals, to celebrate accomplishments, to find and give support in times of tragedy, to learn, to grow, and to know our loved ones will find these too.

This is my dream for CO: and I hope you will join us in making this dream (and more) come true!

CO: seeks to provide a space for coworking, collaborative childcare & education, creating, inspiring, and building a community of people who enjoy working together to meet our common needs and goals.

You should join if you are looking for a place to work, socialize, create, and collaborate. We welcome individuals, families, and everyone else who likes the idea of an inspiring community of all ages and for all ages!

At our events we will plan, organize, & create our space!

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