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What we’re about

We are an inclusive and diverse group of people who enjoy sharing our love of exploring SoCal hiking trails and byways with other like-minded folks. You’ll find experienced hikers and those who are new to hiking; young and finely-aged; single and coupled; fair-weather hikers and all-weather hikers; those who think nothing of doing a quick 15-mile loop and those whose idea of a good time is a gentle 4-mile stroll; birders, wildflower specialists, geologists, landscape photographers, and more. Everyone brings a unique perspective and their own special talents to the group in a spirit of camaraderie and sharing. Beginners, experts, locals, and new transplants are welcome. Join us in our next adventure.

Membership Rules: Members must post their real name and photo on their profile that shows their face - Not a flower, mountain or animated character (last name not required).

RSVP policy: If you sign up for any event, then decide you will not be going, you must update your RSVP to "Not Going". If you are a No-Show for an event, hike leaders may remove you from their hikes for up to 6 months. 2 no-shows and you may be removed for a year. It's very disrespectful to the hike leaders as well as other members to hold a spot on a hike and then not show up. Members with a pattern of late cancellations or signing up and cancelling frequently or holding spots for multiple hikes in other groups on the same day will also be removed from the group.

Be considerate, and do not keep grabbing spots on any hike just because you can. Limiting yourself no more than 1-2 of hikes per week is a good practice. Leave spots for new members who are still figuring out how to sign up. Be willing to give up your spot on hike that has a long waiting list, if you have already been on a hike with the group recently.

Show up on time and be ready to start at the appointed time.

Show up prepared: Read the entire hike description before signing up. Don't ask the hike leader to change the itinerary just to accommodate you.

The organizers of the CVHMG put a high priority on the safety and comfort of our members. HIKERS WHO SHOW UP AT THE CARPOOLING SITE UNPREPARED AND/OR IMPROPERLY ATTIRED MAY BE TURNED AWAY AT THE HIKE LEADERS DISCRETION. This is a matter of safety; not just for you, but also for the entire group. If an unprepared or improperly attired hiker is injured or incapacitated then the safety of the group may be put at risk by having to stage a rescue.

While we appreciate feedback and constructive criticism about our hikes, rude, condescending comments or trying to stir up drama will not be tolerated and may result in your being removed from the group.

This is a group to meet friends for outdoor adventures. It is not a dating site. Not everyone in this group is single and looking for a partner. Anyone who sends inappropriate messages or causes others to feel uncomfortable or unsafe will be removed from the group without question.

This group exists due to the efforts of the hike headers, and they are taking members on hikes for free. It is absolutely necessary you show respect and gratitude for their work, and their rules, or risk being banned from the group permanently. In addition, the group Organizer also has to pay Meetup fees every month. If you are a coming on a lot of hikes, make sure to show some gratitude by leaving positive comments on the hike, or even bringing a small gift after 5 hikes for your hike leader may be a nice gesture. Be willing to give back a little, and share responsibility of keeping the group going. A hike leader can chose to remove anyone from his hike for any number of reason: not meeting fitness requirement, incomplete profile, history of showing inconsideration by signing up and cancelling frequently, showing negative attitude on a previous event, no-shows or leaving disrespectful comments. No one is entitled to a spot on a hike, solely because you are a member and managing to grab a spot every time.