Creating a Message Driven Architecture Using GraphQL & Apollo Server 2.0

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A novel feature of the GraphQL specification is subscriptions. A subscription is a way by which a client can listen for event messages that are generated asynchronously from a GraphQL API. A client needs to do nothing more than register with the API to receive messages for a particular event. Then, once registered, clients will receive messages related to that event via a constant connection to the API.

While event-driven architectures using the PubSub pattern have been around for a while, implementing them as part of an API is fairly new to the development landscape. Subscriptions are a game changer in API design.

Technology Trainer and Educator, Bob Reselman will show you how to create a message-driven architecture using GraphQL under Apollo Server 2.0. Apollo Server is a popular implementation of the GraphQL API using Node.JS.


- The details of subscriptions as described in the GraphQL specification.

- How to design for subscriptions in GraphQL

- How to implement a subscription service in GraphQL using the Apollo Server 2.0 framework

- How to create a server-side client that consumes messages emitted from a GraphQL subscription service.

- How to integration test a GraphQL subscription.

- And more!

Bob Reselman (@reselbob) is a nationally-known trainer, software developer, system architect, technical educator and technical writer. Bob has written four books on computer programming and dozens of articles about topics related to software development technologies and techniques, particularly those applicable to distributed computing and Kubernetes. He writes monthly columns for and TechTarget. Bob previously held the position of Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Simpson College.