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The CoDe:U Git Flow - a Continuous Delivery approach

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18:00 Socialize + Pizza
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The CoDe:U Git Flow

The fact that most prehistoric version control systems weren't particularly good at branching and especially not at merging leads to the consequence, that many teams today find themselves in a situation where they have never before merged as intensely as they now do on Git.

A branching strategy is required.

@nvie's blog post "A successful branching strategy (" has become the unreflected first choice of strategy in many shops. But @nvie's flow has several issues that needs to be mended.

Together with Atmel (, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of microcontrollers, we have revised, simplified and optimized the flow to a level that is now being rolled out to all developers in the Atmel corporation.

We've named it "The CoDe:U Git Flow ("

It's based on a simple set of principles: the Ten Git Commitments.

Through the development of the Pretested Integration plugin ( for Jenkins CI (Open Sourced), it supports a fully automated strategy that enables a guaranteed pristine integration branch and it keeps all promotions of commits to be located on just one long-lived branch.

A true release train.

The implementation is based on a simple naming convention of branches and it utilizes the standard Git SCM plugin ( in Jenkins CI as well.

As an intentional property of the flow it allows the developers to continue to exploit all the nice and cool features in Git. No policy enforcement is narrowing the freedom of the developers creativity.

The technology dependency is kept at a minimum and requires only the Git SCM plugin and the Pretested integration plugin on Jenkins CI.

The flow is compliant with all Git repository browsers that we know of, and we have implemented in on both GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian's Stash

We humbly claim that this is Git Done Right.


The session is Organized by Praqma and hosted by Umwelt.