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JavaScript Study Group: How to Learn JavaScript Properly Roadmap (Final Weeks)

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This study group is for folks who want to learn and/or get better at writing JavaScript. Whether you're a budding novice or an experienced developer we welcome you.

The curriculum for this group is Richard Bovell's 6-8 week roadmap "How to Learn JavaScript Properly (" Members can work at their own pace, pair program or partner with others on projects based on the topic of the week.

We will meet every other week to work on and discuss the lessons. Also, some weeks we'll have a guest speaker to cover the topic of the week.

Below is this week's topic:

Final Week: Series wrap up, discuss what we've learned and next steps

Google Group:!forum/code-crew-how-to-learn-javascript-properly


- Have completed weeks 1 - 6 (please be respectful of other members and have the work completed before you come to the session)

- Knowledge of HTML/CSS (Web Development Fundamentals (

- Laptop Computer

- Text Editor (Sublime Text Download ( or Web Storm (

Resources Needed For These Session:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide ( (No Programming Experience)

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers ( (Programming Experience)

JS Fiddle ( or Code Pen (

Code Academy (, Code School ( and Learn Street ( (JavaScript Online Learning Tracks)

Firebug Add On (

About: Richard Bovell

Richard Bovell is a front-end engineer and UI designer. While Richard has a computer science degree, everything he has learned about modern web application development and mobile app development is self-taught and is attributed to great programming books and free online programming resources—blogs, tutorials, open source libraries and frameworks, and the like. And for this reason, Richard is giving back with this blog.