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To support continued skill development, portfolio project enhancements, and networking for the greater Seattle development community, we are launching a weekly Programming Night at Code Fellows in collaboration with Seattle JS Hacker & She's Coding. This event will be open to the following audiences: Current Code Fellows students, seeking graduates (Career Accelerator Participants), alumni JS Hack Night Members She's Coding Members Individuals interested in getting into coding Experienced developers who want to mentor and give back to the community We ask that all attendees abide by the core principles of the Code Fellows Code of Conduct to keep this a safe and inclusive environment, which includes in summary: Be Kind Be Honest Be Respectful Seattle JS Hackers Seattle JS Hackers is an open and inclusive after-hours community of JavaScript hackers who learn and hack in JavaScript together. We are entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, tinkerers, computer scientists, educators, marketers, and more – all working to ignite and amplify our personal productivity and collaboration. How we do it: We organize hacking sessions at WiFi-ready offices, cafes and bars around Seattle each week. Our hacking sessions encourage peer ideation and review, knowledge sharing, new champions for causes and projects, personal productivity, and a heightened sense of community. Join our Slack group to keep in touch with the community and stay on top of events, announcements, and more! She's Coding She's Coding ( is a supportive, safe place for anyone identifying as woman or non-binary person in tech. We are a nonprofit organization with the main goal to help close the gender gap in tech, which we do via: (1) An open-source website that educates women, allies and companies about the gender gap, developed in mentorship-based volunteer groups. (2) A mentorship program, as well as an offline and online safe community for women in tech. And (3), an effort to support women in their tech industry job searches via events, collaborations, and a yearly conference with career fair and workshops. We currently run monthly 'regular' meetups with lots of networking and talks by our community members, extended duration codeathons, weekly technical interview preparation meetups, as well as mock interview events with partnering companies. All our meetups are open to women and non-binary folk. Join our Slack group to keep in touch with the community and stay on top of events, announcements, and more!

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Code Fellows offers full-time and part-time programs to train software developers at every experience level. We strongly believe in the power of community and want to contribute in any way we can. Whether you're just starting out or have been a coding for years, come join us!

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