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Hack for Change Louisville is being held as the city’s official Code for America National Day of Civic Hacking ( event, one of over 100 simultaneous events across the United States. The day will bring together local government leaders and staff, local organizations, businesses, visitors, and community members and is focused on civic innovation. Here’s what to expect:

• Software development (a hackathon event) using open public data.

• Collaborative building of open data apps and services for non-profits and the community.

• Discussions on open data at the city, county, and state levels.

• Networking, learning, fun, and making a difference!

The initiative is a united national effort to connect citizens and government in a partnership focused on improving people’s daily lives through technology. This event will bring together techies, entrepreneurs, do-gooders, activists and others like you from across the nation to collaboratively create, build, and invent tools using publicly-released data.

Civic hacking as a form of citizen engagement and volunteerism is gaining momentum reaching cities across America not those known for technology and innovation. Civic hackers are already active and contributing to the betterment of your community.

Project Tracks

We are pre-planning a number of projects for this year’s event, idenifying resources and laying the groundwork in advance. You can align yourself with one of these projects , or come with your own ideas.

• Help Metro Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods ( build an online database of youth services and resources

• Work with Kentucky Youth Advocates to deploy an interactive mapping system ( for improving local policy related children's health and well-being

• Add building heights to all Louisville OSM buildings (

• Import streams, parks, alleys into OSM with Task Manage (

• Tree Canopy assessment mapping across the county

• Property value analysis ( and SimpliCity (,%[masked]&searchby=street_name&id=[masked]) implementation

• Connecting Medicaid recipients to their money

• Eligibility for government programs via text/app

• Real time TARC bus location signs at stops

• City and citizen communication and collaboration tool

• Adopt a Drain, partner with MSD, streamline application process

• Create Louisville 1:1 in Minecraft ( using OSM data!!

• Open letter to mayor/metro council on formalizing ( Open Data Policy

• Your idea! We encourage everyone to bring ideas of what they'd like to see built!

Projects might include any of the following skills, so you can always be a help:

Research (web/email/phone), idea focus, data entry, modifying existing code, using 3rd party online services, graphic design, user experience (UX), documentation, presentation creation, mapping, and/or data analysis!

Prize Pool

We will have a pool of prizes for most successful projects! This includes CDA tshirts, mugs, coasters, and gift cards. Also, every attendee gets a slick CDA tattoo!

Prize categories, which will be voted on by all participants:

• Best, Most Awesome Idea

• Project with the Most Potential

• Biggest/Widest Impact

• Best Use of Data


9am – Introductions and overview, project tracks review

9:30 – Break into self-organized groups to work on projects

12 – Lunch on site by Arrow My Food

1 – Continue working on ideas, finish prototype

4 – Present projects, successes, roadblocks, next steps

5 – Civic Hacking end, head off to dinner and drinks with your new friends

The Story

Louisville’s Code for America brigade ( has volunteered to organize this year’s event. Called the Civic Data Allliance ( (CDA), we are the public’s voice for open data, interested in liberating, improving, gathering, defining, and reporting on public data.

Hack for Change Louisville has these main goals:

• Create a one-day environment for entrepreneurs, app developers, and programmers to create innovative apps and websites using open public data.

• Identify opportunities to brainstorm, capture, design, and even deploy valuable software applications that serve the city.

• Bring together local government officials, municipal employees, experts, programmers, designers, citizens and journalists to share thoughts on the City of Louisville’s open data portal.

• Foster communities of practice and advocacy on the role of the civic innovation, mobile communication, online information, and open data at the City of Louisville.

• Discover other datasets that contain public information a the city, county, and state level that should be made public (property, transit, GIS, etc).

• Create outcomes that participants will act upon after the event is over.


For our third year we are partnering with Code Louisville ( and they are hosting the event for us at their new location!

To find out more about what happened at last year’s National Day of Civic Hacking, check out the 2014 Report ( and local recap of last year. (


Your laptop, power cables, software, smart phones, chargers, monitors, mice, ideas, and half finished projects.


Familiarize yourself with at these data sources to see what’s out there:

• Louisville Open Data Portal (

• (

• TARC’s Transit Feed (

• YourMapper (

• Metro Mapper’s Local Open Data Lists (

• Join the CDA group (!forum/civicdataalliance)

The event is meant to be a technical programming, app building, hacking experience. We will be working together to build actual apps during the event.

If you are non-technical, we still need your help. During the event entrepreneurs business, marketing, and regular citizens can help steer the direction of the development and explore great ideas with the techies, and work on the presentation and communitating the idea clearly. You can also spend some time updating your neighborhood’s Open Street Map data using the new iD online editing tool (


We are looking for volunteers for this year’s event to help with organizing, planning, day-of activities, picking up food and drinks, etc. Contact us at the Civic Data Alliance (, Louisville’s Code for America brigade and the organizing body for this year’s NDoCH. Sign up and post at the official Civic Data Alliance ( forums and look there and on Twitter ( for meetup times.


Our hashtag is #hackville ( Our local organizer’s handle is @CivicDataAlly ( The national hashtag is #hackforchange ( The national organization is @civichackingday (


Contact us to sponsor food, in-kind contributions, swag, prize money, or discounts, and get your logo below and shout outs at the event and social media!