IoT Smart Home Hackathon

This is a past event

57 people went


Join the CDA, LVL1, and Metro OPI2, along with guests from Amazon and Microsoft for an IoT Hackathon at the Gigabit Experience Center, located in the Louisville Central Community Center (

This event's focus will be on the Internet of Things, and how they connect to and impact our lives as citizens.

Who should get involved? Urbanists, civic hackers, government staff, developers, designers, community organizers, and anyone with the passion for making their city better.


Projects might include any of the following skills, so you can always be a help:

Research (web/email/phone), idea focus, data entry, modifying existing code, using 3rd party online services, graphic design, user experience (UX), documentation, presentation creation, mapping, and/or data analysis!


9:00 AM - Doors Open
• 9:30 AM - Introduction & Speakers from CDA , Metro, and LVL1
• 9:45 AM - Break into pre-defined tracts, and break into self-organized groups to work on projects for our community that contain -Alexa Skills ( -Amazon Smart Home Skills ( -Microsoft Cortana ( -Google Assistant ( -Apple HomeKit ( -RasPi ( -Arduino ( -Augmented Reality -Virtual Reality -Machine Learning
• 12:00 PM - Break for lunch
• 1:00 PM - Hack
• 2:00 PM - Hack
• 3:00 PM - Hack
• 4:00 PM - Present projects, successes, roadblocks, next steps, hacking end, head off to dinner and drinks with your new friends.
• 5:00 PM - FIN


Your laptop, power cables, software, smartphones, chargers, monitors, mice, ideas, and smart home devices you may have (Echo, Google Home, Hue bulbs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc).


Though we will be working together to build actual skills and apps for IoT during the event, if you are non-technical, we still need your help.

During the event entrepreneurs, marketing, designers, and regular citizens can help steer the direction of the project, explore great ideas, and work on the presentation in order to communicate the idea clearly. Plus there is always data to munge.


IFTTT Smart Louisville ( - Integration between some of the city's APIs and existing smart home devices

Alexa Skills - CDA built skills like mayor's news flash briefing (, junk set-out date lookup (, and real-time air quality ( index.

City APIs comprehensive list ( Air quality ( example.

Open Data APIs - most datasets on the open data portal have DKAN APIs ( you can query. Crime API call example. Restaurant inspection API page example (


• You are welcome to join a pre-identified project tract if you're either unfamiliar with hackathons, or just want something you can slip into with little effort. Alternatively, you are welcome to start your own group to work on a new project. Here are the software repos for the pre-identified projects (to get access, speak to a CDA member):


Insider Louisville (


LVL1 Makerspace ( - some funding for event

Louisville Metro Office of Civic Innovation ( - data, APIs, support

LCCC - event space

SuperChefs ( - lunch

Amazon - on-site technical AWS and Alexa developer

Microsoft - popup booth and showcase of devices (Surface, Xbox)

IFTTT ( - platform for data/device integration

American Printing House for the Blind ( - use cases for the visually impaired

CNET ( - device reviews and smart apartment ideas