Cod for Pittsburgh (Let's Meet At a Fish Fry!)


Let's celebrate the success of the Fish Fry Map and meet up at a fish fry *from that very map*! It'll be an exceedingly informal meetup, depending on how busy the Parish gets, but we'll roll with it!

St. Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish friar who was martyred in Auschwitz after harboring Jews in his monastery, as well as a harboring a seditious printing press. He was canonized in 1982.

This parish, in West Homestead was formed as the St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in 1992, merging six previous parishes. St. Maximilian Kolbe Church became so in 2009, prior to which it was St. Anne.

The fish fry is famed as one of the region's classics. It's potato haluski is a well-known treat.

St. Max Kolbe is open from 10AM to 7PM on the 24th. We'll aim to meet up at 4.