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Coding is an important skill in a world that is increasingly digital. Coding is also fun and creative!

A CoderDojo is a fun and relaxed way to learn to code. And with code you can craft websites, build smartphone apps, make games, control robots and create beautiful art.

CoderDojo is a world-wide network and you can find out more: https://coderdojo.com

Who Is It For?

CoderDojo is for children aged 7 to 17 and is ideal for anyone who has never coded before or would like to learn in a relaxed and supportive group.

Parents and guardians also find the sessions useful to help continue learning and experimenting outside the dojo.

What Will We Do?

Children will pick a small bite-sized project to do in the dojo. These projects include a tutorial, opportunities to experiment and play, as well as make something interesting.

At the end of the dojo there will be an opportunity to show what you've been working on and talk about your experience making it.

Initially we will have projects on:

• Scratch - a very gentle introduction to coding, perfect for younger coders

• OpenProcessing - a beginner-friendly way to have fun creating art with code

• Python - a very popular language that's also easy to learn, ideal for those progressing from first steps

• Micro:bit - using Python to control a BBC Micro:bit for fun hardware projects

Some projects can be worked on in pairs or groups.

As we grow we'll cover more of the different paths available, including making web pages and Raspberry Pi projects. You can find out more here: http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Home_Page

Where Will It Be?

We'll rotate events between The Poly Falmouth, the GamesLab at Falmouth University, and Truro. Once established, we'll extend to other locations.

Practical Stuff

CoderDojo is FREE! There is no cost for attending and taking part.

Please bring a fully charged laptop for your child to use. In future we hope to have spare laptops for use in dojos. Scratch, Python and Micro:bit projects will require some software to be installed - we can help you in class.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the dojo.

You can bring food and drink for your child, and you can take a break whenever you need to.

We want to encourage children with additional needs - please get in touch if any preparation is required.

You can contact the organiser through meetup or directly by email coderdojocornwall at gmail dot com.

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CoderDojo at The Poly, Falmouth

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CoderDojo at The Poly, Falmouth

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CoderDojo at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro

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