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Coderplex Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages multiple developer communities in Hyderabad, India to help people learn modern software development free of cost, and to provide them the support and opportunities they need to progress in their careers as professional software developers.

We host and collaborate with other local communities to organize frequent meetups and sessions (both offline and online) on various development topics

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How to Build Your Own Video Conferencing Platform like Google Meets or Zoom

WebRTC is a collection of protocols that grants computers the power to share data and real time media without the intervention of a server. Well that’s kind of a lie. We still need servers to help establish the connection. But it’s still pretty cool! I don’t suppose you’ve ever used Zoom or Google Hangouts before have you? Well, those use WebRTC too. Why if we could build our own? Well, that’s what we’re gonna do. We will build our very own WebRTC video chat app! Along the way, we’ll learn about all the moving pieces involved in establishing peer to peer WebRTC connections. We’ll talk about STUN, TURN, ICE, and a mouthful of other fun acronyms. The build will focus on the front end client, the server they use to introduce themselves to each other, and we’ll deploy open source solutions for anything else we need. Hayden Braxton is a software developer from Richmond, Virginia. Professionally he writes Angular and C#, but his true affections are for vanilla JS and maybe one day something cool like low-level systems programming. When not writing code, you can find him trying to learn n + 1 things or digging holes in the ground. Support our work at Coderplex Foundation : https://donate.coderplex.org/crowdfund/support-coderplex If you have any questions, you can ask them in our community chatroom : https://chat.coderplex.org

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