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TDD Demystified: Getting into The Flow

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TDD Demystified: Getting into The Flow


What Next?

We'll get into The Flow. A seamless and fluid process of incrementally progressing in tiny steps being the most important foundation of TDD and most potent enabler of all good things beyond, we shall experience, internalise, anchor, just what it feels like to move ahead like a knife in the butter. Then we'll continue building on that in the upcoming sessions.

So, in the next workshop we'll take one more step back:

  • get a brief intro into the minimal rules of TDD
  • watch @infinitary complete a short TDD Kata
  • discuss every question we may have left open
  • get ready to the ensemble programming thing
  • build a simple component of Cinema Paradiso
  • reflect, give feedback, say bye and be happy

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But Why?

TDD is an omnipresent yet often misunderstood and seldom mastered practice. Is it a panacea? Is it a fad? Is it dead? Is it mandatory? Is it optional? If so, when and why? And how to do it at all? Bring your questions, doubts, concerns, your positive and negative experiences and let us discuss and figure out together just when and why and how TDD can be useful. And then, let’s hack some!

See you there!

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