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Arroyo Grande, CA

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Jun 13, 2018


Student. Maker. Tinkerer. Bookworm. 📚 Often creating. Always learning. 🤓 I enjoy making things that fly. ✈️

What is your background with code? What languages and frameworks have you used? What is your experience level? Beginner, Intermediate or blackbelt super-ninja?

I’m an alum of CodeSLO’s bootcamp-prep, founded by Matt West. We’re on Meetup. If you like coffee or code, come check us out! I’m also a recent grad of the software testing class taught by the wonderful Rita Casaverde and Mike Maxwell, with the newly-acquired skills and certifications of ASQTB Software Tester, ASTQB Mobile Tester (ASTQB-MT), and AGILE testing certified. Let’s go test stuff.

How did you hear about us?

From a friend, who knows me well. ☺️