coding leipzig #8: octomore - finest taste in coding


The shortest month of the year has 8 arms this time! It's round 8 for coding leipzig so OCTOcat jumps in. Which translates to: we'd like to learn about version control this time!

Don't be shy and submit your ideas and talk proposals for this session now. If you have a topic you'd like to talk about, let us know first. Giving a talk at coding leipzig gets you the a chance to introduce yourself to the people and present your topic.

This time coding leipzig takes place at Turbine Kreuzberg's Leipzig office for the very first time, so be prepared for Turbine goodness! They're filling up the fridge with beverages and there'll be some snacks for sure.

That's our current agenda:

6:30 doors open at Turbine Kreuzberg
7:00 intro: coding leipzig
7:10 talk #1 Tatjana Royal - GitFlow Workflow

7:45 talk #2 Bernd Alter - "JSON schema - Do you care about your data contracts?"

This talk will be all about the basic and advanced usage of JSON schema:
- why should you use it?
- how to create a JSON schema
- how can you benefit the most from using it?
- available tooling, e.g. for validation, creating JSON objects based on your schema

8:30 talk #3 Valter Sundström - Typesafe modular techno in Haskell

After the talks there will be lots of room and time for networking and personal exchange.